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 About Avanti Healing Arts®

CLASSES and TREATMENT in SILVER CITY, NEW MEXICO- Expert Instruction and Healing Sessions.

                                                                    UPCOMING  DATES: 

~Gendai Reiki Ho  Shoden (Level I) Japanese Reiki Training – Choose from Saturdays, 9-5pm:  MAY 9th;  JULY 11th;  AUG. 8th. 

~Reiki Share – Weekly Practitioners Meeting,  THURSDAYS at Noon.  CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM. 

~Reiki Treatment Sessions,  and Psychotherapeutic Reiki  (including Intuitive Energy Healing).  Available by appointment on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

                                                   SEE TRAINING PAGE for More Information:

— Reiki Shoden (Level I) Gendai Reiki Ho Training – the Introductory Certification Course –  Learn to heal yourself and others (see details on Training page and Services & Fees page).

— Reiki Okuden (Level II) and Advanced “Master” classes (Level III)  schedule after completing Shoden training in Gendai Reiki Ho.


— Advanced  Reiki Classes, Healing and Counseling Sessions – plus weekly Reiki Circles & Meditation groups for the community – are held at the Interpersonal Peace Center, 211B N. Texas St. in the Art District downtown in Silver City and at different locations such as Estes Park, Colorado. For  information about Reiki Healing Dance™ workshops and Meditation in Motion™ classes see our Training page or email Gianna through this website.

Natural elements are an intrinsic part of the Reiki spiritual energy.