Other Training


REIKI WITH TREES – Learn from the Old Ones

Inspired by a spiritual quest to the Pacific northwest in 2007, this practical training workshop concerns the Planetary Spirit, what is evolving on the planet, and how to relate Reiki to the natural world. Trees are emphasized but information can also be given on local bushes, medicinal herbs and flowers and garden plants. Teaches how to use Reiki for tree communication and healing, uses of tree-medicinal remedies.

Gianna’s beackground with plants began with study at Avena Botanicals in Maine, and branched out into her own Beech Ridge Botanicals, where she created organic flower, herb and vegetable gardens in the woodland rock and clay soil of Northern Maine. She stewards the Ponderosas in the Rocky Mountains and the cacti in the Gila in SW New Mexico.  Prereq: Reiki Level I.  Four hour workshop.

REIKI WITH ANIMALS – Large and Small

Emotional and psychological issues of your animal companions and how to approach healing and communicating with them are emphasized in this hands-on introductory workshop. You may work with Red the Reiki Dog and sometimes other animals or equine companions (special conditions/release form required). It is recommended that you purchase the book Animal Reiki by Fulton and Prasad before class. Included are additional teaching materials and a special Animal Healing Initiation to be given individually to animals accompanying you.

Specializing in animal behavior and intuitive energy readings, Dr. Settin was formerly a veterinary surgical, recovery room and anesthesia technician at a large veterinary teaching hospital in New York City. She has lived with an assortment of critters, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, and teaches humans to learn from animals (see article Willie the Reiki Master Cat; Blog Reiki on the Farm). Your animal companions are welcome in the class, but subject to stipulations and dependent upon other animals present. For example, a stuent’s iguana recovered nicely from his anxiety and stopped trashing his terrarium after being in the class.

Prereq. Reiki Level I any school or lineage. Taught by request, sponsored at your location in greater Ft. Collins/Boulder/Denver area. Minimum Class Size: 3.  Schedule: Six hour workshop.

Private Animal Healing treatment sessions can also be scheduled by appointment. No charge for consultation to animal sanctuaries and shelters.

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USUI-TIBETAN MASTER TEACHER TRAINING (includes ART) – Private, Intensive Master Class.

Dr. Settin and has taught this school of Reiki many times so you can be completely confident of the quality of the training you receive. She was a member of the International Center for Reiki Training teacher training program in the mid- 2000’s and assistant to William Rand’s Master Class in Maui in 2005, This is the most widely taught “Western” school of Reiki training, taught in one extended two & a half day weekend, Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. You receive the official ICRT Master Manual and your certification from Avanti Healing Art®.
Why study with Dr. Settin? For one, Dr. Settin is a Tibetan Buddhist. Secondly, in addition to expert instruction, she teaches this course as a private training which allows special extended focus upon your unique healing needs. Also, the fee is less than the standard ICRT fee because CE credits are not automatically awarded. This approach is advised for those who may have taken Gendai Reiki Ho on Levels I and II from Dr. Settin, or Usui Reiki from other Reiki schools, and do not wish to do an extended apprenticeship for the advanced levels. Prereq: Usui Reiki Ryoho Level II, any school or lineage.
KARUNA REIKI® – For Compassionate Action

A licensed program of the ICRT, completion of the Master Teacher level enables you to enroll with the ICRT as a registered Karuna Reiki Teacher. Why study with Dr. Settin? Training is offered privately on a sliding fee scale in accordance with compassionate action practice and according to a time schedule that meets your needs. Also, Dr. Settin is a long-time meditator, Daoist practitioner and shares her experience of the meaning of “karuna.” She leads you in healing meditations in the privacy of your own special training experience that will be life changing.

This is a demanding class and the rewards are immense. This beautiful form of Reiki complements any Reiki practice and it includes a total of 9 symbols that are particularly useful in clinical work. Gianna’s Master Teachers of Karuna Reiki® were both William Rand (its originator), and Laurelle Shanti Gaia. If you are looking for the next step in your Reiki development, your heart will open to this experience, held in the healing environment at Avanti Healing Arts® Reiki Studies.  Prerequisite: demonstrated certification as a Reiki Master Teacher. Private Students Only.