Experience Reiki Healing Sessions

If you’ve been trying to work through a difficult emotional situation or cope with an on-going physical problem, but can’t find a solution, there is a different path toward healing. 

Reiki assists with restoring balance to physical, mental-emotional and spiritual systems by helping with

  • Physical issues like chronic pain; recovery from surgery; chronic illness; sleep, appetite and hormonal disturbances.
  • Mental-emotional aspects of life’s challenges, including anxiety; depression; trauma; addiction; relationship issues.
  • Spiritual malaise stemming from lack of direction; disillusionment; disconnection from one’s Higher Self.

Reiki is known for its stress reduction and health promotion effects. It is given while you remain fully clothed seated comfortably in a chair or on a massage table. The practitioner’s hands are only placed very lightly on or over your body to facilitate access to your own self-healing abilities. Its vibrational healing frequency works subtly with your Higher Self so it is always a gentle, relaxing and renewing experience.

Reiki works as well at a distance or hands-off in cases where touch is not possible or advisable, and is often now used in hospitals in the ER, surgery and in nursing homes. It can stand alone in some cases, or be used to increase the effectiveness of other interventions. It is used when system functioning is diminished by pain or discord, over-stimulation or exhaustion, or any disharmonious situation.

Complementary or holistic health means working side by side with conventional or “Western” medicine and treatment modalities, as in the case of having Reiki after radiation or chemotherapy to speed recovery and reduce nausea. Also, Reiki is effective in conditions that have been unresponsive to past treatment efforts, such as: headache, backache, sleep disturbance, immune system disorders, hormonal or mood swings, fatigue or hyperactivity, and other syndromes that typically have multiple root causes. This is especially true for emotional issues.

Positive changes taking place after a Reiki session unexpectedly affect many areas of life – career, social, familial – and this is because it harmonizes imbalances in all systems, not merely on one level. The Reiki waveform ( “the Reiki Wave”) operates on a multidimensional vibrational frequency by entraining with your energy system, seeking out discontinuities in the flow of Qi and encouraging your body, mind and spirit to heal in the way that is best for you.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki

As a psychologist in private practice for more than 25 years, Dr. Settin is uniquely qualified to offer Psychotherapeutic Reiki to deal with distressing feelings and thoughts by being able to combine Reiki with approaches from more conventional treatment (such as verbalization, imagery, and affirmation therapies). While in the deeply relaxed Reiki state, emotional healing can occur through the vibrational opening created by Reiki in the human mind, emotion and spirit pathways. “Psychotherapeutic” Reiki is especially helpful in cases where trauma has resulted in PTSD, in struggles with recurrent mood disorders, to ameliorate the effects of medication, and for chronic personality issues or addictions interfering with the ability to achieve balance in life.

An Emotional Healing Reiki session is not a psychotherapy or counseling session and does not replace conventional mental health diagnosis or treatment. A wellness approach to mental health is offered, consisting of an initial Reiki session followed by a brief holistic health consultation (which might involve referral to other health practitioners). During the session, you are encouraged to express whatever thoughts, feelings and experiences that come into your awareness facilitated by Reiki safely and with total confidentiality, or just enjoy the welcome tranquility, relaxation and peace you will experience.

Dr. Settin also offers traditional Psychotherapy in one of her favorite specialties: COUPLES THERAPY.

Reiki Aura Clearing

Reiki Aura Clearing is a non-touch technique that can quickly release blocked emotional, mental and spiritual issues. It may be that the issue stems from multiple roots that may be concealed in the cellular memory or the unconscious mind. Using aura clearing, Reiki is sent to the hidden aspect so that it can be released safely and effortlessly.

Derived from proven shamanic removal techniques, Reiki Aura Clearing may involve breath work and sometimes chanting or toning by the practitioner. It removes disharmonies in the auric layers or energy fields surrounding the body (for physical~ 4-5 inches, for mental-emotional~ 6-11in. and for spiritual~ 12-18 in.) outside the body. An emotional “blockage” that is difficult or impossible to treat by verbal therapies, or an invasive energy of unknown origin, can be safely removed by this method – often in one session – without having to know the cause.

Aura Clearing is intended as an adjunctive approach to healing, following a regular Reiki treatment. You will sit in a chair and we will discuss the issue you want to release, identify it completely as to extent and location, and then your entire energy field will be cleared until the unwanted issue disappears. Then hands-off Reiki is given to infuse the cleared aspects of your system with healing light. This is a favorite vibratory healing method because it so dramatically and rapidly resolves issues that may have been hanging around for ages!

“Chakra balancing” (a popular term) always happens as a routine part of a full Reiki session. Chakras are vibrational energy centers ranging from bottom (1st or root chakra) to top of the head (7th or crown chakra). The word chakra means “whirling vortex of light”. Invisible to most people, these energy centers are associated with feelings, colors, shapes, sounds —and they work along with the Ki (life force energy) in your system to stabilize or balance the social, personality and lifestyle characteristics associated with each chakra. When there is imbalance in any chakra, it directly impacts your daily functioning in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. A chakra can be damaged by past injuries and the dimensional frequencies it puts out disrupted. For example, the ability to feel compassion and joy is involved with the 4th (heart) chakra and an imbalance would result in decreased emotional capacity and expressivity.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing as offered by Dr. Settin engages the intuitive connection that is possible through Reiki to bring forward issues that transcend time and space dimensions (as in “past” or “future”). You will be given a Healing Attunement, then Reiki to enhance your intuition and innate healing ability. Incarnational issues or psychic information may become available to you while you receive Reiki, and the unique grounding capacity of Reiki means that you are always safely present. Such experiences can bring new awareness and sometimes clear up significant “meaning of life” questions and illuminate karmic relationships. Discussion can take place during this session to foster greater understanding. At the end of this session you will also receive a special Gendai Reiju (a Japanese Reiki purification and blessing).This is a long and dynamic session designed for those who have received at least one full Reiki session previously.

In all of these approaches, the practitioner is primarily the facilitator, allowing the Reiki vibratory healing energy to flow to the recipient. Reiki operates according to the principle of “the Greatest Good” and with the highest Intent. Opening your own intuition is the key to healing.